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AusWide Electronic Displays understand all the critical components in LED screens. One of the more crucial aspects of LED screen performance is the correct selection (and set up) of the control system. The control system encompasses the control software and the monitoring & reporting system. AusWide only use Novastar products for our LED screen control systems.

Novastar is the recognised industry leader. They have many cutting edge products and features such as their NovaiCare system.

Novastar iCare

iCare monitors the critical performance aspects of your screen 24/7. Novastar iCare can be configured to provide you with instant notification in the unlikely event of a failure. Or something operating outside of the predetermined parameters. Everyone has a smart phone, so of course there is an iCare app too! This is a very powerful piece of software, designed to give you piece of mind.

Technical Manager, James Lee recently travelled to Shenzhen, China – the home of Novastar -and undertook factory Novastar training. James spent time with Jackson, a senior engineer who explained the latest hardware products which have recently been developed. Along with iCare and hardware training, there was plenty of time spent on software training as well. A deep understanding of the software package and its capabilities ensures your LED screen is configured 100% correctly and suited to your needs.

There are plenty of options for LED screen control systems. But there is only one that AusWide put their trust in. If you want to understand more about LED control systems, how they can be set up to benefit you & why Novastar is the industry leader, then please get in contact with us.

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