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These displays are designed specifically for the indoor environment including an aluminium constructed case and indoor rated LEDs. Control is via a PC program (over LAN/TCPIP) which is very easy to use. We will have the timer set up to your specified network configuration so all you need to do is plug it into a free network port and install the provided software solution. Alternatively, we can provide a dedicated cable system that includes the PC.

Model Character Height Number of Characters (width) Frame Size (HxWxD)
ST-2L-16i 2 Lines – 70mm 16 230mm x 1030mm x 90mm
ST-2L-21i 2 Lines – 70mm 21 230mm x 1350mm x 90mm
ST-4L-16i 4 Lines – 70mm 16 390mm x 1030mm x 90mm
ST-4L-21i 4 Lines – 70mm 21 390mm x 1350mm x 90mm
ST-6L-16i 6 Lines – 70mm 16 550mm x 1030mm x 90mm
ST-6L-21i 6 Lines – 70mm 21 550mm x 1350mm x 90mm

LED text displays come in a few different sizes and configurations, enough to satisfy all applications. Scrolling and static text displays are a great way to update potential customers on current specials and to draw them into your place of business. All our scrolling text displays use a P10 pixel pitch which means all pixels are 10mm apart. This results in a clearer text for the viewer than most other scrolling text displays.

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