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Model Digit Height Frame Size Recommended Viewing Distance
TT-120 120mm 661mm x 100mm x 197mm 40m
TT-150 150mm 506mm x 100mm x 228mm 50m
TT-200 200mm 632mm x 100mm x 294mm 70m
TT-250 250mm 784mm x 100mm x 347mm 85m
TT-300 300mm 944mm x 100mm x 400mm 100m
TT-400 400mm 1122mm x 100mm x 507mm 135m
TT-450 450mm 1248mm x 100mm x 560mm 150m
TT-500 500mm 1339mm x 100mm x 610mm 170m
TT-600 600mm 1614mm x 100mm x 710mm 200m

Time and Temp displays come in a variety of sizes. Featuring automatic brightness adjustment (with light sensor) and optional automatic time updates (using GPS sensor) these displays are geared to be set and forget, although you will certainly not overlook them when you pass by as they attract a lot of attention.

Available in multiple digit heights from 100mm up to 600mm in height, we have something to suit every application and viewing distance.


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